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Hey All, it's Branon - Co-Founder and 1-of-2 Photographers for this lovely little venture, Rachel & Bran.

First of all, thanks for making it this far into our website! If I had a trophy I'd give you one, with a firm congratulatory handshake. Second of all, welcome to our blog! Now I know what you're thinking:

"Oh boy, Rachel and Branon are just another couple of those young (and handsome) millennials who think they will be a the next big bloggers. They probably think they have tons of important things to say and that everyone wants to hear them. I'm so sad, I thought they weren't like the others."

If you're thinking something along those lines, you're right about the young handsome millennials part and wrong about everything else! Rachel and I are SO excited to be putting our creative eyes to work, picking up our cameras as frequently as possible, and seeing where a life in pursuit of creative endeavors takes us. This business is our chance to put our best foot forward and work on making a living doing what we do best: being ourselves. As our potential clients, friends and family, and everything in between, YOU have the right to know who you'll be working with, and WE are obligated to give you that transparency.

And that's what we want out of this blog. Rachel and I are both very much to type of people who could care less about creating a flashy, trendy brand to live and die by, and we definitely wouldn't use a blog to do that even it was what we were shooting for. Instead, we want to give you raw, real updates on our lives from the stupid things we thought about in the shower to the projects and huge life events that we may be stumbling into. And if you read through and snicker once or twice, then we've accomplished all we set out to do here.

So let it be known that on 1/6/18, as I sat in the Daily Grind coffee shop on upper De La Vina in Santa Barbara - slightly irritated because I put my contacts in my eyes inside-out before heading out this morning - I threw down the first post for what would someday become the occasionally-frequented blog for Rachel & Bran. I hope you're ready to hear all about our Daily Grind.

P.S. - Rachel would be here but she's modeling in a shoot this morning for a local clothing company. She does it all folks. Stay tuned for Rach's debut blog post and for more from your favorite photography couple, Rachel & Bran.

- Branon Eusebio

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